Want to gift your #girlsquad something amazing? Dylan's Candy Barjustlaunched an exclusive "Mean Girls" candy line just in time for October 3, otherwise known as National Mean Girls Day (duh). You know everyone is going to be tweeting about the movie on October 3, so this is your chance to one up them all on social media by Instagramming the new candy.

VIDEO: Cats act out 'Mean Girls' parody

From You Go Glen Coco hot chocolate (get it?) to pink Swedish fish and Is Butter a Carb? popcorn-flavored jellybeans, the candy line creators went wild with the puns, in the most awesome way possible. Besides candy, the new line also includes a T-shirt and tote bag. It's out now, so stock up before next week!

Dylan's Candy Bar is throwing a big "Mean Girls" party on October 3 at all of their NYC locations. There will be trivia, prizes and surprise guests.


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