The massive Edgewater AvalonBay fire broke out Wednesday night. It was still smoldAnthony Quintano/FLICKR

Schools in Edgewater, N.J. remained closed this morning as smoke continued to rise from the rubble of the AvalonBay housing complex that was largely gutted in a massive fire.

The portion of the complex that did not burn is being checked by fire officials and it remains unclear if residents of the 160 remaining units will be allowed back home, reports.

A fund has been set up by Edgewater to help victims of the 240 units that were destroyed. For more information go to

Workers using a blowtorch while making plumbing repairs ignited the blaze, Bergen County fire officials said. No charges are expected.

"It was just a tragic accident," added Edgewater Policed Chief William Skidmore. "The resulting plumbing repair ignited a fire in the wall which spread through the building.”

Gov. Chris Christie Thursday night visited some of the hundreds and said a sweeping review of fire codes is underway. Investigators said the lightweight wood construction used in the complex allowed the inferno to spread rapidly.

Sprinklers were working, officials said, and gave rescue workers from three counties and New York City time to evacuate everyone, according to

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