Eli Manning needs Odell Beckham Jr.Getty Images

A day after he made comments that appeared to be critical of his star wide receiver, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning stood by his man on Tuesday. It is the right move from Manning given that embattled wideout Odell Beckham Jr. is his only true playmaker on offense, the only difference likely between this team contending for the playoffs or heading to the golf course in January.


On Monday, Manning sounded like he was growing tired of Beckham’s antics that included him proposing to the kicking net following a touchdown in the Week 6 win over the Baltimore Ravens. On WFAN, Manning was asked about Beckham’s wacky ways and the normally subdued to a fault quarterback said “You can get real sick of it if he’s not going out there and making plays.” It is strong words from Manning who usually refrains from any hint of emotions in his public answers.


Beckham of course has been at the center of much scrutiny and finger-pointing in recent weeks following a Week 3 meltdown on the sidelines and another a temper flare-up the next week in a Monday night game at the Minnesota Vikings. But for two weeks now he’s kept his cool on the field despite some zaniness and theatrics.


“No. I’m not tired of it. I thought you might be tired of it. That was my comment. Talking about [the media]. I’m fine with it,” Manning said on Tuesday.


“He’s doing a lot of good things and playing the game the right way. He just has to make sure the celebrations and what’s going on aren’t hurting the team in any way.”


His head coach on Monday, the dour Ben McAdoo, didn’t sound none too pleased when asked about Beckham’s behavior. The first-year head coach seems to want to squash the individuality of a player who may be emotionally out there but did pull down 222 receiving yards and two touchdowns in a Week 6 game his team had to win.

“I’m not trying to make comments publically. I get asked about him a lot so I have to comment. Odell and I have a great relationship. We talk about a lot of things. We’re on the same page,” Mannng said. “He knows that I’m always looking out for him and understands that you can say things that can get taken one way. Odell and I are on the same page. I get asked multiple questions about him every week.”