Via CityRealty

Families looking to buy apartments in the Big Apple often have a standard list of demands: a safe area, a family-friendly neighborhood, and space to accommodate their children. Maybe most important of all is the desire to be close to a top school. This idea is not a new one; after all, every parent desires to provide his or her child with a good education. However, this trend appears to be growing among international buyers. These parents are actively seeking homes that are close to international private schools, hoping to preserve their native language and culture within their children’s upbringing.

One area in particular in which new apartment buildings are benefitting from this trend is the Upper East Side, specifically inLenox Hill. The neighborhood is host toLycée Francais de New York, a renowned private and bilingual French school, and alsoLa Scuola d’Italia, an Italian, English, and French tri-lingual multicultural school. Naturally, many international home-buying families are flocking to new residential developments in this area of the city, hoping to find the right international school for their children.

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