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Emily Pizza and Hometown Bar-B-Que collaboration comes to Umi Kitchen

You can order the limited-edition 'Umi Loves Emily' sandwich for delivery Nov. 15 and 16.

The limited-edition Pizza Loves Emily x Hometown Bar-B-Que collaboration "Umi LoveJill Rittymanee

Umi Kitchen, the recently launched delivery app that brings homemade meals to your door, is releasing a signature collaboration between two of your favorite Brooklyn-based restaurateurs.

Emily and Matt Hyland of Clinton Hill'sPizza Loves Emilyand Billy Durney of Red Hook'sHometown Bar-B-Quehave teamed up to create a Brooklyn-based love child.

The Umi Loves Emily sandwich ($16) combinesHometown Bar-B-Que pulled pork on a Tom Cat pretzel bun with Emily sauce, crispy onions and red cabbage slaw.

It's essentially a barbecue spin on themuch-lauded Emmy burger, which merges dry-aged beef with caramelizedonions, Grafton cheddar, cornichons and Emmy Sauce on that same Tom Cat pretzel bun and goes for $26.


"Pizza Loves Emily has always valued our community, and Umi is a special part of the Brooklyn food world," says Emily. "We thought it would be fun to pop-up as Umi chefs to share a delicious sandwich collaboration."

Umi founder Hallie Meyer comments, "It's amazing that through Umi we can give NYC chefs an opportunity to share the signature home-cooked dishes they love to cook with people in their community who can enjoy them at the comfort at their own family dinner table."

The respective pizza and barbecue strongholds have collaborated before. At Williamsburg's Taste Talks in September, Emily and Matt teamed up with Billy to create a dish for Sunday's All Star Barbecue Theme:grilled pizza with pulled pork, creamy ranch slaw, pickles and crispy onions.

The dish is available to order for delivery in Brooklyn and Manhattan on Nov. 15 and 16 until 2 p.m. for same day delivery, and you can pre-order starting today (with only 36 available each day, you'd do well to order ahead). They say it might end up on the menu at Pizza Loves Emily in the future; we'll just have to try it now and then wait and see.

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