Eric Decker and wife, Jessie James Decker.Instagram

The Ryan Fitzpatrick contract drama will continue to be story No. 1 with the Jets until Fitzpatrick signs a contract in New York or elsewhere. On Wednesday, Fitzpatrick's two favorite targets from 2015 touched on the matter and claimed their absences at practice last week were not out of protest.


"You guys know how I feel about Ryan," Brandon Marshall told ESPN. "I've said it over and over again, all offseason. There's a thin line between supporting your teammate and being detrimental to the team. At this point, it's time for all of us to move forward and try to figure out how we can win some games."


Much was made, in particular, about Eric Decker's absence last week.


"That's not the reason I wasn't here," Decker said. "I told coach where I was and what I was doing. I was with my family."


Decker's wife posted a picture on Instagramlate last week of the wide receiver joyfully playing with his daughter at the beach and noted that she was ecstatic that the family was "on vacation."