Eric Foster felt the pain of losing a Super Bowl a few years back.Getty Images

Cam Newton certainly made waves on Sunday following the Carolina Panthers' loss in the Super Bowl. A post-game press conference where he uttered few words in response was followed by a sulking (and premature) walk off the stage.

And the rest of the NFL noticed, including a former player with ties to the tristate area.

Former Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Eric Foster was an undrafted rookie free agent who fought his way onto the team’s roster and became a significant contributor to their success last decade. In 2009, Foster was a part of the 14-2 Colts team (along with quarterback Peyton Manning) that was undefeated until Week 16, made the Super Bowl and then lost to the New Orleans Saints.

The big game was supposed to be a culmination of sorts for the Colts, who were dominant in the regular season.


Instead, it was a super, duper letdown. Not unlike the Panthers, who were 15-1 but looked terrible against the Denver Broncos.

But for Foster, the former Rutgers star and arguably one of the best defensive linemen to ever play for the Scarlet Knights, Newton’s postgame antics were questionable. On Facebook on Monday, Foster posted a message that ended with ‘#‎DontBeASituationalDabber’ – a clear reference to a quarterback who shows plenty of bravado when things are going well but clearly isn’t a good loser.

Here is Foster’s thoughtful response to Newton’s sulking ways (note, Colts went 14-2 in the regular season in the year that Foster references). Foster had 30 tackles and 2.5 sacks that season for the Colts.

His full post from Facebook:

I like Cam. I don't like to judge ppl because #1 I'm not perfect and #2 I don't have a heaven or hell to put you in. That being said, Cam definitely have to grow up. I know how it feels to go 17-1 and lose the Super Bowl. I was out the country two days after lol. It suck!!!

Cam in a nutshell - When you win, you dance with grace but when you lose you stride with disgust and annoyance missing all the gold nuggets to learn and grow.

I know Cam does a lot of great things for the kids and community. Showing them how to embrace failure,to learn from it, is the greatest gift you can give them. Every time you handle a lost or a "Failure" incorrectly it counts double. The pain of the lost right now and the stagnate growth in the future because you fail to learn from it.

It may sound weird but celebrate your failure because you just found out something about yourself you would have never known that will help you grow. ‪#‎YouCanStillDabCam - ‪#‎DontBeASituationalDabber.

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