Erika Ann Hammond's last tweet was praising Joseph Fauria's butt dance.Getty Images

Another week, another superstar football player stealing a lesser football player’s girl.


Last week, former Oklahoma running back Brennan Clay accused Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray of sleeping with his wife on Twitter. This week, there’s a daytime social media drama playing out between not one, but two current NFL players as Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria is saying that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson swiped his woman, model Erika Ann Hammond.


Fauria tweeted at 12:11 a.m. Monday morning, “Hey @DangeRussWilson enjoy her @ErikaAnnHammond. She had me thinking she was a loyal GF. I almost feel you @BrennanClay24 #SprayTan.”


The spray tan hash tag is a direct reference to the Bleacher Report story from earlier this season that said some of Wilson’s black teammates on the Seahawks didn’t believe Wilson was “black enough.” But I suppose that when another guy steals your girl, nothing is off limits.


Another twist to this story is how rapidly things went south in the Fauria/Hammond relationship. Fauria displayed one of his patented awkward butt dances when he found the end zone Sunday. Hammond re-tweeted a Vine of Fauria’s dance, which read “Joe Fauria @BigJoeFauria BREAK THE INTERNET!”


Clearly that “atta boy” re-tweet was either a last gasp to save the relationship or an indication that everything was still going well between Ms. Hammond and Fauria up until late Sunday night. Hammond hasn't tweeted since Fauria tweeted.

Either way, if the Seahawks and Lions meet in the playoffs (which could very well happen with both teams currently at 9-4), expect Detroit to utilize Fauria in a reverse J.J. Watt –role and line him up as a defensive end. There’s no way a steaming mad Fauria doesn’t sack Wilson at least 10 times.