One of the rooms in Riddle Me Out’s Alice in Wonderland scenario.Provided

Where is Alice when you need her? We could’ve used her help getting out of Wonderland.

This was the scenario facing our group of five at NYC’s newest room-escape game, Riddle Me Out, which launched this week in Midtown. Each game takes an hour and can be played by between two and eight people, with hints offered every five minutes via a wall-mounted screen or as needed from the game master over an intercom.

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And frankly, we needed them. Though the games are for ages 14 and above, it would’ve been useful to have a kid along for the Alice experience (which is not just one room, but that’s all we’ll spoil about it). It’s the more abstract of the three scenarios offered by Riddle Me Out, and our team of literary types wasn’t quite equipped for the kind of creativity and, well, playing necessary to unlock the clues.


The company also bills itself as “tech-heavy,” but it could polish some of its basics. A few of the objects in the room that shouldn’t be usable appeared to be, the decoration was lovely but distracting since much of it didn’t serve a purpose, and a lock that didn’t cooperate for me worked when another player tried it.

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Other rooms, which are more linear but also difficult, involve breaking into a bank vault (and we’re not just talking figuring out a lock combo) and trying to escape from jail — from separate cells, while handcuffed. Talk about a team-building exercise.

Riddle Me Out is open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at 435 Fifth Ave., Floor 4.

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