There will be about 500 butterflies in the exhibit each day.D. Finnin, ANMH


Like humans, some butterflies can live in the Arctic tundra. Thankfully, it's the tropical kind that are coming to the American Museum of Natural History to spend their winter.


Get out of the cold and join them indoors when the museum's annual Butterfly Conservatory reopens from Dec. 10 through May 28, 2017. Located inside the Whitney Hall of Oceanic Birds on the second floor, the 1,200-square-foot vivarium will house 500 butterflies amid blooming tropical flowers and plants native to rainforests.


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Besides learning about butterflies along the way — for one, they’re particularly sensitive to environmental changes, so a change in their population among the first indicators of trouble when an ecosystem is out of whack — you can watch them feed at nectar stations and maybe even see a new butterfly emerge in the pupa display case at the center of the exhibit.