After spending 15 years in the NYPD, Bo Dietl has appeared in films and is a frequentBo Dietl/Facebook

The New York City mayoral race is getting a little more crowded.


Former NYPD detective and frequent Fox News guest Bo Dietl is set to formally announced his candidacy at City Hall on Tuesday afternoon, according to his campaign’s Facebook page.


He plans to run as an independent with a campaign centered on crime and homelessness, the candidate told the New York Daily News last week.


He also told the publication he would like to reduce the number of NYPD officers guarding Trump Tower, give subsidies to New Yorkers making $25,000 or less and build homeless housing in vacant schools and city-owned lots.


Dietl, a frequent critic of Mayor Bill de Blasio, whom he calls "Big Bird,"initially expressed his interest in running for mayor back in 2014.