A Manhattan man thought to have been inside the building that set off a 7-alarm fire and building collapse in the East Village is reported to be missing.

Officials said no one was reported missing hours after the large blaze began, but various reports overnight say a family is frantically looking for 23-year-old Nicholas Figueroa.

​The Upper East Side man was said to have taken a co-worker out to a lunch date at Sushi Park at 121 Second Ave., where Con Edison said it refused to sign off on a gas meter installation one hour before the explosion.

His family pointed to a bank statement that showed a still-pending $13.04 debit charge to the sushi restaurant.


Authorities could still not confirm any fatalities.

Late Thursday, the Fire Department said the number of injured by the explosion and subsequent fires grew to 19.

Fourteen of those injured were civilians, four of whom were last reported in critical condition after glass and debris flew from the fiery buildings.

Five firefighters were treated for non-life threatening injuries. About 250 firefighters responded to the Second Avenue fire within 3 minutes of the explosion.

FDNYkept dousing the smoldering block into Friday morning.