Jason Kuffer/Flickr

The search for the parents of a 5-year-old girl abandoned in the Port Authority bus terminal has led to the discovery of her mother's body in a Connecticut apartment, police said.


Commuters notified police at about 10 a.m. Monday that they had seen a child who seemed to have been left alone in the terminal for a considerable period of time. The girl then told police that she and her father, Elmer Gomez Ruono, had taken a bus to the terminal. Upon their arrival, he told her to wait for him, but didn't return, she said.


Speaking mostly Spanish, the girl was able to direct authorities to an apartment in Stamford, Connecticut, where police discovered the body of the girl's mother and signs of a struggle. The family is believed to have moved to Stamford from New Jersey just days before.


Police now consider Ruono a person of interest in the homicide. He is described as approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing around 140 pounds and has long black hair.