Ladder 155 firefighter Gerard McManus made the rescue at a home in South Jamaica oFDNY

A firefighter moving blindly through a smoke-filled home in Queens on Wednesday managed to rescue a man who was unconscious on the floor, the FDNY said.

Crews were responding to a fire at a home on 140th Street in South Jamaica when a firefighter forced his way through two rear doors to search for residents.

“I started in the kitchen first," said firefighter Gerard McManus, according to an FDNY Facebook post. "There was so much smoke I couldn’t see anything. When I made my way into the dining room I felt a foot … and pulled him out the way I came in.”

The man was revived at the scene and treated for burns and smoke inhalation at a local hospital.


“What we did here today is what we train for everyday,” Lt. Brendan Corrigan said.