Fetty Wap in his video for "Wake Up."


Fetty Wap said that he’s sorry the filming of an arguably inappropriate music video at his old public high school in Paterson, New Jersey got a principal there suspended this month.

The artist’s video for “Wake Up” contains a few marijuana and alcohol references, as well as twerking students and a pole-dancing stripper -- all filmed on the campus of Eastside High School.

Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell, offered an apology to the city and the suspended principal, Zaititi Moody, at a Paterson Board of Education meeting Wednesday night.

Moody was placed on administrative leave June 1 as the district investigated how the video was filmed at the school without its knowledge, according to NJ.com.


More than 100 people were at the meeting to support the principal, also an alumni of the high school, according to the New York Daily News.

“I didn’t think it was gonna be...what it became to be,” the rapper told those in attendance. “All I did was what I knew. It’s not excusing it, but growing up [here]...going to Eastwood High School...before Moody was there, it was a lot different.”

"If I disrespected anybody, I came today to apologize,” he added. "But I also wanted to let people know that I'm a product of my environment."

“I went back to my old high school to shoot this video,” the video’s opening reads. “A nobody, high school dropout now known worldwide as Fetty Wap. Celebrate everyday, roll something up and define your own path.”

You can watch the video yourself below., though as you may have guessed, it’s potentially NSFW.

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