Information leading to the recovery of a white 2015 Lamborghini Aventador stolen in Flushing, Queens, is worth $100,000 to the Pinkerton detective agency.

The stolen Lamborghini was last seen at the intersection of Fowler Road and College Point Boulevard in Flushing, Pinkertonstated in a news release, adding the theft is believed to have ties to individuals in theAtlanta, Georgia, area.

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Authorities believe the stolen Lamborghini, valued at $450,000, could be parked in a shipping container, bound for an overseas location, Pinkerton stated in aFox Newsreport, which added that the car’s owner is unknown.


"This is still a very active case being investigated by multiple federal and state agencies," said a Pinkerton spokesman to Fox. "We therefore can not give any further details.”

“With an exotic car like that, you can’t sell it here, and you can’t drive around in it,” Chris McGoey, a private investigator and expert in crime and loss prevention, said to Fox. “The only option is to ship it overseas, somewhere that nobody really checks on registration of cars.”

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At least one luxury car theft ring has been operating in the New York and New Jersey area in recent months, Fox reported, adding that authorities have now charged a total of 21 suspects in connection with that international luxury carjacking ring, according to the New Jersey State Police and Attorney General's office.

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