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Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin speaks on Josh Brown

Tom Coughlin talked about former Giants kicker Josh Brown on Tuesday.

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Tom Coughlin had no prior knowledge of Josh Brown’s domestic violence issues with his wife, the former New York Giants head coach denying any hint of insight about what was happening with his former player.

Brown, now off the team after court documents revealed the extent of the domestic violence taking place in his home, was released by the Giants two weeks ago amid public outcry. Brown had been on Coughlin’s team for three years and was summarily suspended for Week 1 of this season under Ben McAdoo.

Once more evidence emerged of his case, the Giants released the steady kicker.

“Of course not. Nope, nothing along those lines. Back when some of this first started out, it was reported that Josh and his wife – I am not sure if they were separated or what was going on at the time, but it didn’t seem like they were going through some hard times,” Coughlin said on Tuesday in a conference call to discuss his selection to the team’s Ring of Honor. “But it seemed like a marriage that had separated and they were trying to work it out and get back together. That was the extent of it at that time.”

Brown also spent training camp across town with the New York Giants.

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