It's been a tough start to June for usNew Yorkers, with the cold and rain ruining summer clothes and rooftop plans. But your reward for stomping through puddles in a coat that should've stayed in storage until October is the sweet mana of free Olive Garden food, which as we know is worth the hype.

The restaurant chain is driving a food truck into the carb-loving heart of the Flatiron District today, serving samples of the next level in breadstick technology: theBreadstick Sandwich. You've got three chances this week to get yours, unless you like jockeying with tourists.

The truck is on a 20-city seven-weekBreadstick Nationtour across the country (wonder if it includes a stop inNorth Dakota ), in case you want to plan your music festival attendance along the route.

Time: 11 a.m.-2 p.m., 4-7 p.m.
June 4:Flatiron (Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street)
June 5:Friday at Madison Square Garden (Seventh Avenue between 32nd and 31st streets)
June 6:Saturday in Times Square (42nd Street and Seventh Avenue)


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