All he wanted was a little scratch, but when a man dropped $200 on losing lottery tickets from a newsstand inside Penn Station, he retaliated by robbing the register, the New York Post reported.

A regular customer of CJ News Inc. inside Penn Station reportedly stole $1,500 from the register after pushing owner Francis Macwan.

The suspect bought the losing tickets around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning and spent about 25 minutes scratching the tickets, Macwan said. “He won a few dollars here and there … then he lost everything and got frustrated,” he added.

The man asked Macwan to check one of the tickets, and “then he just pushed me, and I fell down,” Macwan said. “I fell on my chest on the floor. He took the money from the register, about $1,500.”


The suspect then fled, though he was captured on surveillance video. He was last seen wearing a dark green jacket and beanie.

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