Geraldo Rivera offering support to the Carolina Panthers on Monday night.

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A die-hard sports fan can spot a sports fan fraud from a mile away.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with not following sports. It's just that those who pretend to have a wealth of sports knowledge often times irk us.

Everyone should know their limits.

Take this above Jeopardy video. When you're answering "Magic Johnson," one of the most famous basketball players of all-time, for a hockey question - you probably should just sit out the sports category.


The sports frauds also regularly appearduring major sports press conferences. TV news reporters who are typically talking about water main breaks really struggle when it comes time to speaking sports language.

"LeBron, why didn't you guys make enough hoops tonight?"

Geraldo Rivera @GeraldoRiveradoes not speak "sport," so he probably should have refrained from commenting on Monday night's epic win by Villanova over North Carolina in the NCAA men's basketball National Championship game. Geraldotweeted this out late Monday night:

"#Carolina Panthers didn't lose #NationalChampionship #Villanova won it."

Of course, the Carolina Panthers play football in the NFL. Geraldo thankfully corrected his tweet but not until 10:25 Tuesday morning - well after the mistake-free Twitter community eviscerated him:

"#CarolinaTarheels didn't lose #NationalChampionship. #Villanova lost it."

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