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To former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the Black Lives Matter movement is to blame for the deadlyambush in Dallas that killed five officers Thursday.

Speaking on the recent spate of violence across the nation, including Alton Sterling and Philando Castile's deaths,Giulianitold MSNBC's Brian Williams that anger against police is because of Black Lives Matter.

"When you're talking about Black Lives Matter, the black young boy who's killed by anotherblack young boy is just as dead as a black young boy killed by a police officer," Giuliani said, adding that the former happens "nine, 10, 12, 50 times more" than the latter.

"I think the reason there's a target on police officers' backs is because of groups like Black Lives Matter. They make it seem like all police are against blacks," New York City's former mayorsaid.


"They're the ones saving black lives.Black Lives Matter is not saving any blacklives, it's the police officers."

Within a 48-hour period last week, two black men were killed by police officers in what protesters are calling unjustified uses of deadly force.Alton Sterling, 37, had been selling CDs outside a convenience store earlyTuesdaywhenat least one Baton Rouge officer fatally shot him.Wednesday night,Philando Castile, 32,was shot multiple times and killed during a traffic stop.

Giulianiwent on to say that he doesn't think police officers are inherently racist. In New York City, however, they "are put in contact with the black community much more often."

He said that police departments need to get rid of any remaining racism and"prosecute the bad ones."

"Let’s teach everyone, including the children of the black community, that most of those police officers are the reason you’re alive," Giuliani added. "Because the real danger to you is that black kid who is going to shoot you on the street."

After an attack on police during a peaceful protest in Dallas that left five officers dead, Black Lives Matter co-founderAlicia Garza responded to such accusations by Giuliani and others that the movement is to blame for such violence against police.

In a separate interview with MSNBC, Garza said "Black Lives Matter has never, ever called for the murder of police officers.

"What we have said over and over again is that it is time in this country for policing to be accountable, transparent and responsible."

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