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There goes your 'ducking' commute! NYPD rescues one lucky duck

We certainly wouldn't choose a dirty subway puddle to bathe in, but then again, we're not ducks.

Not the L train duck.

public domain

If you were cursing a train delay on Friday morning, you could have been shouting "duck!"No, that wasn't autocorrect. We said "duck."

A duck waddled onto the tracks of the Jefferson Street L train stop in Bushwick, ruffling a few feathers,Patch reported.

The interloper looked quitecontent to say right where he was— sitting in the middle of a muddy subway puddle.

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Officers Frantz Chauvet and Anastasiya Mishchenko spottedthe duck on the northbound racks just before 9:30 a.m., Patch reported. Emergency Services Officers Kevin Conway and Michael Black were called in and four of New York's Finestfreed the luckyduck.

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"We got a duck on the tracks, duck on the tracks. Gotta save the life," you can hear the officer filming say in the video.

The duck was relocated toHighland Park, Queens, where— hopefully—the puddles are a little less ducking gross.

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