The house at 213-45 28th Ave. in Bayside, where the party and shooting took place.Christopher Bride/Property Shark

Two people were shot early Sunday when gunfire disrupted an out-of-control $15-admission birthday party in a Queens McMansion that was being rented through Airbnb, police said.


The host paid $1,000 to use the basement through the controversial home-sharing website, according to a New York Post article. The gunfire started inside the $1.8 million home at 213-45 28th Ave. in Bayside shortly after midnight, the report stated.


Victim Tyree Walker, 27, who was shot in the chest, was in stable condition at New York Hospital in Queens, an official said in the Post, which also stated that Shaun Lee, 23, who was shot in the abdomen, was in intensive care at North Shore Hospital and was expected to survive.


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“These kids were all drunk and hanging out in the street,” said neighbor Lori Somekh in the Post. “I didn’t hear the shots, but I knew something must have happened because people were pouring out of the house at one point. The party kept raging in the street afterward. The kids were too drunk to care.”


Frankie Marchione, 20, was at the party and said most of the festivities, which eventually included over 200 attendees, were in the basement — where the shooting occurred. He told the Daily News that even though the organizers had hired security guards, things quickly got out of control.

“It was too loud and everyone was too drunk,” he was quoted by the Daily News. “People were trampling over me. Everyone was terrified. It was just like a riot. I saw one person on the floor bleeding,” he said. “We didn’t know it would be this crazy.”

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Acording to the Daily News, an Airbnb spokesman said the company was “deeply distressed” by the incident and was in close contact with the host and the NYPD.“Our thoughts are with the victims and their families,” the spokesman was quoted.

In a statement referenced by the Post, Airbnb asserted that “situations of this type are extremely rare.”