A Brooklyn man died in his car late Sunday as he drove to a hospital for gunshot wounds.

Police said Monday that emergency workers found Eric McKinney unconscious in his car after he crashed into a curb in Fort Greene at around 10:30 p.m. near Brooklyn Hospital at Ashland Place and Dekalb Avenue.

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Police said officers found McKinney, 31, with gunshot wounds to his left arm and torso inside his Jeep.


Authorities believe McKinney, who lives in Crown Heights, was at a red light a few blocks away when an unknown shooter fired into the car.

Paramedics rushed him to the emergency room at Brooklyn Hospital, where he was declared soon after.

NYPD said no arrests had been made by Monday morning and that the investigation was ongoing.

McKinney is the latest shooting victim in the Fort Greene area.

Three men died in in a late-night shooting on Sept. 20, and three suspects fired upon police officers on Oct. 7.

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