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Hawks are on the attack at St. John’s University in an apparent attempt to protect one of their own.


Two individuals have been attacked since Wednesday, according to media reports. The incidents happened on Wednesday in front of the school's University Center, and Thursday behind St. John’s Hall.


In an email alert, reportedly sent to students and staff on Thursday, public safety wrote that “a smaller baby or injured hawk is currently in the bushes near the rear of St. John Hall.”


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“It appears that the larger hawk has become more aggressive in an attempt to protect the smaller or injured hawk."

The email also stated there were “two reported incidents of people being struck in the head by a hawk on the Queens campus," and that "both individuals received lacerations to their head as a result of being struck.”

On Thursday DNAinfo also observed “two hawks circling near the baby hawk.”

Officers had blocked off the area around St. John Hall and were “keeping their eye on the hawks.”