A heat wave is slamming New York, Philly and Washington, D.C. this week as temperatures soar well past 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although Central Park has not had an official heat wave since July 2013, that will change with record highs this week.

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Normally during July Central Park has had temperatures in July of 93, 94, and 89 respectively.


Humidity levels will get pushed higher as temperature climbs approaching the century mark throughout the mid-Atlantic, according to AccuWeather ReelFeel Temperatures.

By Tuesday temperatures will go down a notch in the Carolinas and Central Appalachians, with little relief in the Northeast.

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Health experts are advising residents in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region are advised to drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and avoid any strenuous activity during the peak hours (midday and afternoon) in order to prevent heat exhaustion or stroke.