Bess Adler, Metro

As cold temperatures and dry air continue on Thursday, New York City is preparing for as snowshower on Friday morning.

The lower than ice-cold temperatures and winter weather haven’t affected subways or buses yet, said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

​​ The rest of the week won’t be as cold as Wednesday night, when the temperatures dipped to 8 degrees, and the wind made it feel like -10 degrees, said David Stark, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Thursday afternoon will see a high of 20 and sunny skies.


The National Weather Service is expecting about a half inch of snow Friday morning. A snow alert has been issued by the Department of Sanitation in case salt needs to be spread, or if plows are needed.

Trash collection and alternate side parking are in effect Friday.

Winds as high as 40 mph will blow through on Friday afternoon, and the thermometer will rise just above 30 degrees.

The weekend is expected to be dry and milder, temperatures hitting seasonally-average mid-30s by Sunday.

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