The problem with having your presidential campaign in America's media capital? It's harder to get away with any Slick Willie moves.

Hillary Clinton's campaign found that out the hard way again on Monday when a new report declared that she rarely, if ever, shows up in Brooklyn at her much-ballyhooed headquarters.

Apparently, Clinton prefers her Midtown digs on the 27th floor of a West 45th St. tower to 1 Pierrepont Plaza.

Politico broke the story, writing the Manhattan spote "is somewhat sleeker than Clinton’s unrenovated Brooklyn HQ, which the developer markets online under the tagline 'Brooklyn Cool' and which is shabbily furnished with a hand-me-down refrigerator and cardboard boxes doubling as stands for printers."


The website also notesthat Clinton's Twitter account last month declared, "Greetings from Brooklyn, USA!” Now, Politico asks if Clinton is "Too cool for Brooklyn?"

A spokesman told Politico that Brooklyn was never meant to be the exclusive headquarters, just the main. He insisted the W. 45th location is a satellite office.