Silda Wall (left) is the ex-wife of New York's hooker-happy ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer.Reuters

Next Monday, Hillary Clinton will be appearing at three campaign fundraisers.


Period. Full stop. End of story. Right?


Well, as the old kids’ song goes: “One of these things is not like the other …”


There it is. The one at high noon Monday. The hostess? One, Silda Wall, sans her disgraced ex-hubby’s forever-tarnished name. Spitzer. And sans the hooker-hiring pol himself.


It’s not been lost on the politirati that Wall and Clinton make for some powerhouse heads of the spurned political wives’ club.

There’s bigger fish to fry nowadays beyond the filets they made of their men.

For Clinton, it’s returning to the office her still-husband held for two terms.

For Wall, it’s getting out from under the mountain of baggage Eliot Spitzer crushed her with in his mere 14 months as New York governor.

And just to show some things -- like ex beaus and hubbies -- develop annoying static cling, there’s a cray sidebar to Wall’s efforts.

Her ex-husband is now dating Lis Smith, a well-known Democratic operative and spokeswoman for Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland who is expected to join the Dem nominee contest, the Times and Politico are reporting.

Writes The Times’ Maggie Haberman: O’Malley is seen as a potential vessel for more left-leaning Democrats looking for a challenge to Mrs. Clinton within the party. He has been ratcheting up his populist oratory, drawing comparisons to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a vocal proponent of curtailing Wall Street excesses.

Spitzer is said to be staying out of it all. The fundraisers too.


John A. Oswald is Metro.US editor-at-large in NYC. Follow him on the Twitters --@nyc_oz.