Garry Knight/flickr

Every December, building staff across the city leave seasonal cards under residents’ doors. If you’re new to life in a full-service building, don’t be fooled—this card is not simply a chance for staff to extend holiday cheer to you and your family. These cards, which usually arrive in the first week of December and list the names and years of seniority of all building staff, are the first reminder that it is tipping season.

While no one is obliged to tip, whether you’re a renter or owner, choosing not to tip is discouraged. Living in a service building carries many perks. Your packages don’t get lost, you don’t have to worry about security, and if you need an emergency plumbing repair, you can count on someone to come to the rescue in minutes rather than days. While it is true that your rent or coop fees cover staff wages, there are several reasons why tipping staff during the holiday season is not only a nice gesture but also essential to your staff’s wellbeing throughout the year.


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