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NFL players make a ton of money coming into the league, but when you’re a top draft pick, the amount of money to be made is unimaginable.


Often, one of the first major purchases a highly paid athlete willmake coming out of college is a home.In many cases, NFL players relocate from where they went to college to their team's city or state.


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Analysts at real estate website CityRealtyhave crunched the numbers to show and compare what kind of homes the last five NFL No. 1 draft picks could buy in New York City versus homes in the cities where their team is located.


According to their findings, the combined salaries of the last five top draft picks is enough to purchase all of the Ralph Walker condos at 100 Barclay St. in Tribeca.

Check out the infographic to see how many homes these NFL players could buy in their home cities, and what their salary could get them if they splurged on the best that New York City has to offer.