When Beetle House founder Zach Neil closes a themed bar, he opens another one.


His first venture, the Will Ferrell-themed Stay Classy, left 174 Rivington St. in December to go on a national tour. Now, its replacement has arrived: GB85, “a bar for dudes and ladies that just love the 80s!,” complete with a Stranger Things-style logo.


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Inside, instead of poster collages it’s is all murals of Madonna, Prince and Ghostbusters created by street artists, according toGothamist. Additional themes will rotate monthly — to give you an idea, the site’s mood board includes Mr. T, Lite Brite, Crystal Pepsi and a worrying amount of hairspray.


The cocktail menu is more about being on-theme than mixology, though who hasn’t made a DIY Stay Puft at a college party? The good times are now in soft-opening mode, with full operations expected to start in May.