Google "James Harden looks like _____" and the first name that pops up is "Kanye West." Is it possible that that's all Khloe Kardashian did do decide who she is going to date next?

Khloe was seen hanging with Harden at Red 8 at Wynn in Vegas Fourth of July weekend and TMZ reported that the the latest Kardashian-NBA pairlooked "couple-y."

West and Kim's marriage seems to be going as smooth as a Kardashian relationship can go, so maybe Khloe just decided that if she can't get the real thing, shemight as well go with Kanye's NBA doppelganger.

Also of interest, Harden dated Kanye-ex Amber Rose. Then again, it's hard to find malecelebs who haven't dated Amber Rose at this point.

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