Married Fordham head men's basketball coach Jeff Neubauermet a gold-digging mistress named Martina on a train in the Czech Republic and cheated on his wife of 22 years while she was sick. All this, according to Neubauer's wife, Karen, who has been tweeting out cryptic messages regarding her husband's infidelity for months.

Karen Neubauer's account @RunKnitTravel - which still features a picture of herself and Jeff Neubauer, as well as the bio: "Married to a coach and find my outlet in running, knitting, & travel" - finally got direct just this week.

"Breaking the silence. Never thought Fordham HC Jeff Neubauer would lie or cheat on me but today it all come out," @RunKnitTravel wrote. "Cheaters never win. He might think that in the short term he is a winner but it will all catch up to him in the end.

"22 yr marriage OVER when Jeff Neubauer met a Golddigger in Prague on a train."


"Working @ a Catholic U doesn't=morals."

"He left when I was sick and when he signed a $500k contract."

Jeff Neubauer made his coaching name at Eastern Kentucky, getting the school to a pair of NCAA tournaments. He went 17-14 in his first year at Fordham this past season.

Neubauerhas not yet commented on the situation and he does not have a verified Twitter account. Someone with entirely too much time on their hands make the Twitter account "Drunk Jeff Neubauer" @TipsyCoachNeu however and it is extremely active.