Bryce Petty is not used to having so many options, delicious ones, in the world of piGetty Images

Bryce Petty is clearly growing and maturing and it has nothing to do with the New York Jets rookie quarterback's last two performances in preseason, both of which showed improvement from his debut two weeks ago.

It has everything to do with the fact that his choice in pizza is clearly evolving.

Much like any young quarterback, Petty is open to progressing as his recent tweet about ordering from Domino's while living in the pizza capital of the world clearly shows a young man in need of guidance. Earlier this week, Petty tweeted about being able to order a pizza from the chain by simply tweeting an emoji icon.

His responses on Twitter, he says, were simply flooded.


"I'm just a small time kid from Waco and all I was saying was that there a commercial that was saying that you can text to Domino's and it was like oh gosh, here it is," Petty said after the Jets win over the Giants.

"You know what, of all the things I can be grilled on, I think pizza is pretty funny. It just shows you how passionate people are about the pizza. And you know what? Those are my friends because if you're passionate about food, we'll get along."

But tweeting about a chain pizza while be close to some local pizzerias is clearly suspect. That's like Petty living in college at Baylor and getting hyped about a Taco Bell trip. With so much authentic Tex-Mex around, it wouldn't add up.

It is evident that Petty needs a mentor in this regard, big-time.Some are evidently more than willing to lend their own input.

He said he has over 600 replies on Twitter giving him advice and opinions on pizza in the capital of the world for that food. In Texas, he said, the home run choice was the brand he tweeted about.

"The go-to is Domino's," Petty said. "I don't think it's bad pizza, I think it's great pizza."

Petty then asked for fans to tweet about him with suggestions for a good slice. He has not yet had pizza yet in the tristate area although he said he recently went to Nonna's in Florham Park but had the chicken parm which was "phenomenal."

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