Tom Brady and the Patriots will look to sweep the season series against the Jets thisGetty Images

Heave ho, two in a row. That's the dream for most Jets fans right now.

The 3-11 Jets actually have some momentum after a win last Sunday against the equally bad, equally hapless Titans. The 16-11 win was ugly, and the execution was poor, but the Jets showed plenty of heart and fight in the victory. Of course, some fans were hoping for a loss to better their draft stock.

This coming Sunday’s game is one that Jets fans should show up for and should want to win, however.

In all likelihood, Sunday will represent the final home game for head coach Rex Ryan, who appears destined to be six seasons and done here in New York. That his last game at MetLife Stadium should come against the Patriots, the team's biggest riva,l and against Bill Belichick - his coaching nemesis, is only fitting.


It would also be fitting and proper for Ryan to go out with a win against the Patriots, the team he clearly relished beating the most during his six years with the Jets.

Three Things to Watch When the Jets Play the Patriots:

1. Passing Grades for the Pats

It isn't the vaunted Patriots attack of old but quarterback Tom Brady is still getting it done. This is a far more efficient passing offense than prolific, as Brady has his best completion percentage since 2011. His 32 touchdowns puts him on pace for the most since 2011 as well, a year he threw 39 touchdowns. The way he is playing right now, the 37-year old Brady might be in a position to play into his 40s, something he recently stated he would like to do.

2.The Revis Impact

This past offseason, Jets fans desperately hoped for the return of Darrelle Revis, the prodigal son who was traded in 2013 then was available via free agency this past offseason. Revis is loved by Jets fans, despite multiple holdouts during his time here and was very much wanted back. Revis supposedly had interest in the Jets but that love was not reciprocated, opening the door for a deal with the Patriots. A season ago, the Patriots pass defense was No. 18 overall, giving up 239 yards per game in the air. They are currently four spots worse and are allowing 248.7 yards per game. The Pats still seem to love him though.

“When you see a guy on film you see his game performance and all that, but when you’re around a person on a daily basis like we have been since late April, he’s a really impressive guy, works hard, very dedicated, doesn’t say a lot, but he always does his job and he’s working hard to do his job and do it better,” Belichick said. “He’s a good teammate, good in the locker room. Guys really like being around him and working with him, but he’s very competitive and he forces everybody to be better – the receivers and the defensive backs can watch his preparation and watch his technique. He’s good. He’s done a good job for our football team, on and off the field, in a lot of different areas. He’s been a real asset for us.”

3. Battling the Pats

It seems that no matter the record, for the most part these two teams have played each other well over the years, including the home team winning each of their matchups last year. In Week 7 of this season, the Jets very nearly pulled off a big win, losing at Gillette Stadium, 27-25.

“Well I think part of it is that we know each other very well,” quarterback Geno Smith said. “Our schemes kind of are similar, but are different in many ways. I think Rex always does a good job of getting to the quarterback and keeping pressure on their quarterback, and getting off the field. On offense, I think we ran the ball well the previous three games.Obviously, taking care of the football and giving ourselves a chance to be in the game.”