The Venn diagram of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"watchers and fans of the Broadway musical “Cats” probably doesn't have much overlap.


That didn’t stop Bob and Tobly McSmith ("Bayside! The Musical") from mashing them up into "Katdashians:Break the Musical,"a “completely unauthorized parody” that began at Theatre 80and is making the jump to Times Square’s Elektra Theatreon June 16. That's practically Broadway!


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The show has about as much plot as the lives of the Kardashian clan —which is to say,the joy of “Katdashians” is all in letting the absurdity wash over you. There’s even a special seating area called the Selfie Zone,where the cast come up to take photos with the audience during a musical number called “The Selfie Song.” Because just like cats, the Kardashiansmust sometimesreluctantly admit they need us to keep their bread buttered.


“Katdashians” is slated to run from June 16 through July 30; tickets are $25-$45.