is going with the rumor that Katie Hamilton, the wife of Angels slugger Josh Hamilton, cheated on him and that is a major reason why the couple is getting a divorce.


The Dallas Morning News published details about Josh Hamilton's divorce petition Sunday:


"Hamilton outlined 34 requests in the petition. Among the requests: prohibit [Katie Hamilton] from using the Maserati and 1972 Chevrolet Blazer in his possession; prohibit her from 'hiding' the children from him; prohibit her from making disparaging remarks against him or his family; prohibit someone who has an intimate relationship with her from staying in the same home as the children overnight."


The troubled baseball staris obviously paranoid that his wife is either going to immediately hop into the sack with someone else or, if we are to believe the speculation from, already has.


The couple hasbeen married since 2004.

Katie was reportedly cast in Real Housewives of Orange County for season 10 at one point.