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Don’t get me wrong, I loved eating out and going to parties nonstop for the past month, but now the train has to stop. It’s time to eat healthier and get back in shape. Sushi is the perfect way to start eating lighter without sacrificing taste and satisfaction. Yes, there are tons of sushi restaurants in NYC, but these are the gems that leave me dreaming about raw fish and sticky rice for days.


This spot is tops for consistently fresh fish at reasonable prices, with rolls starting at $5. I recommend the spicy tuna and avocado salad ($8), which includes a huge helping of tuna, and if you want to splurge, try the dragon roll ($17). The main dining room is modern and sleek and would impress a date or accommodate a group. From 5-7 p.m. at the bar during the week, you’ll find $9 cocktails. Five locations

Sushi Damo


This is my favorite high-end sushi restaurant and conveniently located at Columbus Circle. Take advantage of happy hour for drinks at the bar Monday through Friday from 5-7 p.m. with $5-$7 wine and cocktails – go for the lychee martini. The specialty rolls are all priced above $20, but they are glorious; try the passion and neo rolls. 330 W. 58th St.

Hane Sushi

From the outside, it looks like any old sushi joint. Not. This Japanese-fusion spot has a large selection of delicious rolls and hot dishes, with reasonable prices across the board; rolls start at $4, and specialty rolls start at $11.95. I go for the spicy yellowtail roll.346 First Ave., 581-B Third Ave.

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