Peyton Manning during his time at the University of Tennessee.

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Kevin Horne, a former teammate of Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee, is said to have been in the training room when Manning's much discussed incident between he and trainer Jamie Naughright occurred, according to court documents.

Horne was baffled by a portion of an articleby Sports Illustrated on Wednesday, which said another member of the Volunteers football team at the time, Greg Johnson, was in the room.

"I never saw him," Horne told ESPN's Outside the Lines Thursday. "I saw that [Sports Illustrated] story and I'm like, 'Greg Johnson?' I like Greg, but sorry, I don't remember that."

That's not to say that Horne believes the Naughright side istelling the whole truth either. Horne said he told a Tennesseeinvestigator in1996 that he was looking in a different direction when Manning took off his pants in the training room on Feb. 29, 1996. He told the investigator he could not say whether or not Manning mooned teammate Malcolm Saxon - which the Manning side has claimed. But Horne did tell the investigator that Naughright did not seem upset after the "incident" and she later "bid farewell" to Manning, according to the Outside the Lines report.


"I didn't think it was a story 20 years ago," Horne told ESPN. "I can't believe it's one now."

Johnson also appeared on Outside the Lines and attempted to back-up his claims in the SI piece.

"Of course. That's natural [to be skeptical]," Johnson said. "All I can do is say, 'Hey, I was there. This is what I saw, and go on. And I'm not saying that what they remember is wrong or anything, I'm just telling you what I remember."

Johnson was put in touch with Sports Illustrated "through Manning's representatives," SI's article stated.

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