NYPD Officer saves cat

Officer Sean Ryan holding the kitten he saved from underneath a tow truck on SundaTwitter/@NYPD114Pct

NYPD Officer Sean Ryan saved the day Sunday evening after he rescued a kitten from inside the frame of a tow truck.

After a passerby called 911 on Sunday evening, Officer Ryan arrived at the scene and crawled under the car to call the cat to him in an effort to safely remove it from beneath the truck, DNAInfo reports.

After an hour of coaxing, Officer Ryan was successful and one of the onlookers who had gathered to watch the rescue took the kitten home.

A picture posted on Twitter shows a grease-covered Officer Ryan holding the tiny cat.

The tweet reads, “Pictured is #NYPD 114 Pct. PO Sean Ryan who spent over an hour rescuing this kitten stuck in a tow truck chassis.”

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