The platform doors would prevent passengers from falling onto the tracks.

Miles Dixon

The L train could be the first subway line to receive sliding platform doors that would prevent passengers and garbage from getting on the tracks, according toDNAinfo.

The news comes the same week the MTA discussed a timeline for L train closures, which would begin as early as 2018.

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“According to the 2010-2014 capital plan, a design for a pilot program was planned for the L train's Sixth Avenue station at 14th Street in Manhattan. ‘The goal of platform screen doors is to improve customer and crew safety as well as reduce trash and debris accumulation on the trackway,’ according to the project description,” DNAinfo reported.


However, MTA officials remain murky about the actual details of any sort of plan to add these safety doors to the centenarian system.

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DNAinfo cites emails from MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz in which he states the actual pilot program station and date is entirely up in the air, and that furthur information would be availbale "in the near future."

According to the New York Daily News, 151 people were struck by trains in 2013. That year, 53 were killed by trains and 55 were killed in 2012.

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