Cull & Pistol's lobster ramenThe Lobster Place

Spring is arriving one rainy day at a time, and Chelsea Market oyster bar Cull & Pistol has a new menu item perfect for both kinds of weather: lobster ramen.

The dish, created by executive chef David Seigal, is made with lobster meat (knuckle and claw), corn, 5-minute egg, bamboo shoots and pickled shiitake mushrooms in a lobster-miso broth with a hit of chili oil ($21).

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“The lobster broth is meant to be more like a lighter miso-based broth for the summer,” he says, though it still gets some fatty notes from white fish like halibut monkfish and skate. “We felt that a fattier flavor obscures the flavor of the lobster."


Also new for spring are an updated cobia crudo with young coconut, roasted cashews and charred chili in a ginger ponzu sauce ($13) and Spanish octopus with pickled ramps and hazelnut romesco ($14).

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