Living in the greatest city in the world is all well and good, but our chances of getting in to see “Hamilton” are the same as everyone else: next to none. Still, it’s a thrill to have the chance at front-row seats through the online ticket lottery, even if the email at 4 p.m. just lets us down gently every day.


Don’t hit the delete button yet though — that email is actually good for a consolation prize. Bring it to the Museum of the City of New York within two days of the lottery, and they’ll waive the admission fee ($14 adults, $10 students). Younger “Hamilton” fans can stop by anytime: Visitors under 20 years old always get in free.


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The “Hamilton” free pass is good through the fall, and the museum has several ongoing exhibits that would appeal to fans of the show, from "Picturing Prestige," a history of American portraiture including John Turnbull's painting of Alexander Hamilton that served as the template for the $10 bill, to past and modern activism in the city.


If you just can’t resist the spring weather this Thursday, May 12, join curator Bruce Weber for a Hamilton-focused Talk & Walkthrough of "Picturing Prestige” at 1 p.m.; tickets are $20.