Internet Week New York

You're not a real New Yorker unless you're a fan of Pat Kiernan, the beloved NY1 anchor. Kiernan, who is quite the man about town, also hosts trivia night at the Bell House in Brooklyn.

The popular New Yorker will be a featured speaker at this year's Internet Week New York, and he is hosting a contest for trivia buffs and tech nerds alike. Kiernan wrote up a trivia quiz for people who are interested in attending Internet Week; two New Yorkers who score 100 percent will be selected at random to win a VIP Pass (valued at $810), which will allow them to attend over 250 events with speakers like Nate Silver and Coco Rocha. Internet Week kicks off on May 18. Quiz participants who do not win the pass will still have the chance to get 10 percent off the general pass is they score 100 percent.

How tough is Kiernan's quiz? Here's one question to test your smarts:

Which of the following has NOT been an actual menu item at a Google cafeteria?


3D-printed pasta

Foie gras egg rolls

Sweetbread and durian tacos

Honey from the company’s beehives

Think you might know the answer? Click here to enter Kiernan's contest.

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