Brian Mclellen

McLellen was an aspiring actor and model.


An aspiring model and actor died on Monday in the wake of a daredevil stunt gone horribly wrong.

Early on Sunday morning, 21-year-old Brian McClellen was electrocuted and severely burned after he jumped on top of a Metro-North train heading from Connecticut to New York City and was struck by a mechanized arm atop the train that was pulsing with 12,500 volts of electricity.

As the train pulled into Connecticut's Riverside Station at around 5 a.m., an MTA crew member discovered McLellen atop the train and doused him with a fire extinguisher, though it was too late for the Cleveland native as he'd already suffered burns to 85% of his body.

McClellen was transported to Westchester Medical Center, where he died roughly 24 hours after the incident. Local police are reviewing a video of the tragic events.


Many of McLellen's friends have taken to his Facebook page to express their condolences and regrets.

"I am still in shock because you were just over my apartment for dinner on Friday night, if I could foresee the future I would have never let you leave!" wrote Arthur Massei. "My heart is very heavy and I will miss you."

"I am so thankful for having had known such a wonderful loving and sensitive person," added Marcus Morris, McLellen's former roommate in NYC. "My heart is torn to pieces right now little brother. This is truly a nightmare."

"You're my angel now and one day we will be together again. I promise. See you soon. I love you," wrote Mariah Augustine.

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