A man walks along the Coney Island boardwalk during a morning snow storm February 22,

An elderly man was found dead on the Coney Island boardwalk early Monday as the frigid cold beat down on the city, police said.

Cops did not identify the 77-year-old man, who they said was found face up on the boardwalk near Stillwell Avenue at around 7:15 a.m.

Around that same time, the National Weather Service reported a -5 degree temperature with wind chill near John F. Kennedy Airport.

The man, identified as Bai-Ping Wen by the New York Daily News was pronounced dead at the scene at around 7:30 a.m.


Police said weather could have contributed the death, but clarified the cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner's office.

A spokeswoman with the medical examiner's office said they had not yet confirmed any deaths from the weekend's cold snap.