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Man will iron anything you bring him at Brooklyn bar

Artist James Hook says he wants to develop a passion for the chore by ironing other people's clothes.

If you need anything iron next month, then head to Pete’s Candy Store barTuesdayChad Kainz / Flickr Creative Commons

Just when you thought Brooklyn couldn’t get any quirkier.

Artist James Hook, 46, is setting up shop at a Williamsburg bar next month to iron other people’s clothing, according to an interview he gave to the New York Post.

But he’snot creating a new business, he’s apparently trying to turn a chore into a passion.

Hook, who reportedly organized a dishwashing competition in May, says he wants to “love ironing on a really deep level.”


According to the Post, Hook will be at Pete’s Candy Store bar every Tuesday night in July. He will iron whatever the public brings him, but it will be more than just a domestic act — it is a true performance piece — with Hook wearing a white lab coat, playing “progressive rock favorites,” and testing more costumes and music during the run.

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