New York State police have dispatched hundreds of personnel to search for the escaped prisonersRichard Matt and David Sweat, last reported seen near the rail tracks around Friendship, NY.

There have been possible sightings of the men in that area near the border of New York and Pennsylvania. According to, in a press conference the New York State Police described one tip as credible, but unconfirmed.

In reports from ABC News, Senator Charles Schumer said one possibiltity is that the escaped men are "riding the rails," traveling along the long train line across southern New York. Aviation teams, K-9 units, and special operations are now searching along I-86 and Route 20.

According to the Buffalo News, David Sweat has relatives living in the area.


The prisonersescaped from Clinton Correctional Facility 2over two weeks ago, about 350 miles from the area currently being searched.

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