The Yankees may have more World Series wins, but the Mets appear to have more fans throughout the city, according to recent ticket sales.

Vivid Seats — a website that allows users to purchase tickets for sporting, concert and theater events—has compiled ticket sales data from different ZIP codes to see where in the city Yankees and Mets fans reside.

Since the Mets have been playing better in recent years combined with their 2015 World Series appearance, more New Yorkers seem to be rooting for the Amazins these days. According to the data, the Mets won four out of five boroughs as well as New York City as a whole.

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Manhattan was the most divided borough of Mets and Yankees fans. According to the stats, 52 percent of ticket sales were for Mets games, and 48 percent of ticket sales were for Yankees.

Queens and the Bronx are defined as Mets and Yankees boroughs, according to their home stadiums, however there is only one ZIP code in Queens and noZIPcode in the Bronx buying tickets for the opposing team.

Check out the infographics to see where Mets and Yankees ticket purchasers live in the city.

Click here to see Mets and Yankess ticket sales in Manhattan

Click here to see Mets and Yankees ticket sales in all boroughs

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